At Strategix, we believe in advancing knowledge using innovative practices and world class talent. In our Education and Training practice area, we deliver best in class subject matter leadership and specialists to design programs and deliver academic and workforce development solutions.

Our solutions include:

Academic and Educational Technical Assistance

  • Education and Training Software and Technology Implementation
  • Contextualized Learning and Applied Academic Methodologies
  • Curriculum Development and Pilot Testing
  • Student Engagement Modeling
  • Classroom Management Techniques
  • Teacher Evaluation and Training
  • Student Incentive Programs
  • Campus Life Management and Support
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Congressional Reporting
  • Policy Development and Implementation

Outreach and Admissions

  • Pre-enrollment Process and Tools
  • Community Collaboration and Outreach Strategies
  • Applicant Tracking System

Career Preparation and Technical Training

  • Testing and Assessment Tools
  • Career Pathway Development and Design
  • Behavioral Management Planning and Implementation
  • Employability and Job Retention Strategies
  • Career Planning and Coaching

Career Transition

  • Business, Workforce, Education and Community Partnerships
  • Employer Solutions and Job Matching
  • Labor Market Information Management
  • Employability and Job Retention Strategies