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National Science Foundation's

Convergence Accelerator

The National Science Foundation’s Convergence Accelerator program builds upon basic research and discovery to accelerate solutions toward societal impact. The program funds teams to solve societal challenges through convergence research and innovation.

Our Close Partnership

Strategix partners with the federal government to promote and support programs that accelerate solutions for large-scale societal issues. Through the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Convergence Accelerator (CA) program, the government funds multidisciplinary research conducted by cohorts from academic institutions, non-profit organizations, industry, and government. These cohorts – consisting of up to 67 teams with up to 700 members – tackle wide-ranging issues such as climate change, quantum technology, and artificial intelligence and the future of work. Working to solve these important issues strikes at the core of Strategix’s mission of Advancing American Families by helping create a healthier, safer, and more connected world in which families can thrive and prosper.

Solutions Delivered

Strategix takes enormous pride in its partnership with NSF and works diligently to supply a high-caliber cadre of professionals who support NSF’s mission by providing advanced program management, communication, and logistical support across the CA program. Our professionals play a critical role in onboarding new cohorts, seamlessly moving existing cohorts into new program phases, and ensuring cohorts have the tools and resources necessary for team collaboration and success in the program. Strategix works in concert with NSF to develop, revise, and implement program communication plans, develop concepts, write program and funded research project articles, conduct research, and analyze data.

Events Expertise

Strategix also offers NSF expert pre, onsite (or virtual), and post-event logistical support for the Convergence Accelerator’s annual Expo, where attendees have opportunities to see live demonstrations of the exciting work done in the program, and other in-person or virtual events. Strategix provides professional meeting and event management, including selecting hotels or virtual meeting platforms, travel (when needed), registration, meeting setup, agenda formation, speaker coordination, and audiovisual needs.

Best-in-class Design

The CA program occupies rare air in the federal space. Its multidisciplinary research approach is unique and communicating its value to internal and external stakeholders is crucial for program success. We re-imagine graphic design and create branding strategies and guidelines to invigorate a unique identity for this transformational government program. Through our innovative design concepts, Strategix translates and communicates CA’s mission via outreach events, virtual conferences, webinars, podcasts, and publications. Strategix ensures NSF’s CA program receives best-in-class program management and professional services to drive the research and development produced by some of the brightest minds globally to accelerate solutions toward societal change.

Featured Work

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