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About us

Corporate Citizenship

At Strategix, we believe that families are the heartbeat and lifeblood of communities. We step into diverse communities, roll up our sleeves, and work with partners that embody our mission of Advancing American Families.

Armstrong Leadership Program, Richmond Hill

The mission of the Armstrong Leadership Program of Richmond Hill is to challenge, develop, stimulate, and grow student leaders physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They ensure students acquire skills in the areas of personal development, leadership training, mentoring, post graduate preparation, and cultural exposure in an effort to prepare students for success during and after high school. Strategix sponsored students to prepare for college by purchasing dorm materials, and computer and tech equipment.

His Sparrow Family Center, Prince Georges County, Maryland

Mr. Crawley worked on the local level to provide support to the Executive Director of the nonprofit startup “His Sparrow Family Center” in Prince Georges County, Maryland. The new nonprofit was formed to “serve the whole, multi-generational family” with a focus on strengthening fatherhood and providing skill-based training in healthy marriage and relationships, parenting and co-parenting. Mr. Crawley and Strategix staff members provided pro bono advice and services related to infrastructure growth and support, and legal protections through the development of tailored legal agreement templates for staff, consultants, and vendors.

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