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Education and Training

At Strategix, we believe in advancing knowledge using innovative practices and world class talent. Within our Education and Training practice area, we deliver innovative and best in class subject matter expertise to design learning and training programs that deliver organizational, workforce and academic solutions to further develop and advance current and future leaders.


Learning Strategy

Strategix provides thought leadership, impact studies, analysis, and resources to move your organization forward. Our Learning Strategy team applies highly collaborative and engaging approaches to organizational and workforce transformation. We leverage data and partner with your organization to identify the current state, define the desired future state and identify key performance metrics, then design a structured learning program to achieve performance goals and advance the organizational mission. Our comprehensive learning strategy services add value by offering our clients solutions within the diverse segments of the education and training spectrum.

  • Strategic Planning and Visioning
  • Learning Program Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Organizational and Workforce Transformation
  • Learning Program Assessment and Evaluation

Curriculum and Content Development

Strategix understands that every organization and every learner is unique. We design and develop learning across a variety of modalities to ensure learner engagement, effective learning transfer, and performance-driven content. Our solutions are used to develop sophisticated and engaging approaches to deliver training tailored and aligned to your organization. Our team develops and designs content not only considering your team’s learning preferences, but geographies, markets, and accessibility are prioritized to ensure learning is fully available and open to all learners.

  • Career, Technical and Academic Training
  • Learning Pathways and Learner Journeys
  • Experiential and Hands-On Learning
  • Traditional and Digital Learning

Learning Delivery and Analytics

Strategix understands learning delivery and data analytics services are foundational, not only to the smooth operation of your training program, but also to delivering and measuring the results you expect. We leverage our comprehensive learning delivery and management solutions to partner with organizations that need game-changing, learning programs to achieve their missions. We bring to bear our expertise in education and training, program management, and technology services to deliver and manage innovative learning experiences with in-person, remote, virtual, and self-paced options for organizations, while also using analytics and reporting to measure effectiveness.

  • Training Facilitation and Delivery
  • Digital Training Management
  • Learner Assessments
  • Analytics and Reporting

Learning Management Technology

Our learning technology services include system assessment and selection, implementation, integration, and management. We are technology agnostic, and our experts apply a custom approach to system and advanced-media design. Whether you have a proprietary platform, are leveraging an off-the-shelf system, or other third-party technology, our goal is to present a scalable solution that ensures your infrastructure can flexibly meet immediate and long-term learning technology needs. Our team adds extensive value through the collaborative development of your learning technology roadmap by ensuring it is customized to your organization’s needs.

  • Learning Ecosystem Analysis and Design
  • Learning System Integration
  • Learning Technology Roadmaps
  • Learning Technology Consulting

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