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Office of Small and Disadvantaged
Business Utilization

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization manages the development and implementation of outreach programs to the small business community, aimed at increasing knowledge about and access to contracting opportunities available within the Department and its Operating Divisions.

Our Close Partnership

In 2020, the American economy supported close to 32 million small businesses employing over 60 million workers. Small business is the backbone of the economy, and Strategix is an honored partner of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU). HHS OSDBU’s core function is to engage, equip, and inform small businesses of the federal procurement process to become more successful in pursuing contracting opportunities at HHS. Providing opportunities for small businesses to grow through federal contracting directly helps advance American families by providing the financial resources needed to succeed and take part in the American dream.


Innovative Technology

Technology and innovation are driving forces in Strategix’s workflow; in fact, they are a part of our DNA. Recognizing OSDBU’s need to streamline operations, our software engineers designed an HHS-proprietary, custom-tailored application that centralizes core functions. This application solves the challenges faced by federal small business outreach offices as it ensures small businesses are engaged and connected with large business prime contractors and government buyers via eRegistration and eMatchmaking processes for various federally-sponsored events. Through data collection and analysis, the application measures OSDBU’s impact on small business success and the government’s return on investment on outreach activities. The system allows for the kind of engagement and relationship-building small businesses need and enables the government to meet small businesses where they are and provide resources to help them forge partnerships, win government contracts, and ensure diverse socio-economic representation.

Effective Solutions

Strategix designs and implements outreach initiatives and campaigns to identify small businesses that could benefit from contracting opportunities at HHS. Communicating the transformative power of federal contracts is at the heart of our messaging and the central function of our partnership with OSDBU. Strategix has written and implemented communication plans detailing brand development and enhancement, graphic design,  scriptwriting, producing live video content, disseminating content to broad audiences, expanding OSDBU’s social media presence, and identifying and engaging new segments of the business community. Our goal is to educate and uplift as many small businesses as possible and keep them abreast of partnership and contracting opportunities.

Agile Professionals

Strategix employs a highly qualified staff of certified meeting planners and digital event strategists to ensure OSDBU’s outreach events are well executed and successful. The ongoing pandemic caused a seismic shift worldwide and modernized how the government conducts business. We did not hesitate to act, quickly pivoting from in-person events to creating a series of themed virtual events to keep the business community connected and engaged with OSDBU. These quarterly virtual events feature high-level government and industry professionals speaking on topics important to the business community. Strategix also manages the pre, onsite (or virtual), and post-event logistics for OSDBU’s annual two-day Small Business National Conference, which shifted to an online event in 2021. Strategix led the marketing and registration process for the conference, resulting in over 2,500 registrants, the highest number of registrants ever, representing more than a 300% increase.


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